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About Fornebu S

Fornebu S is not just a shopping «center» but also a city center for the residents and workers of Fornebu, Snarøya and Lysaker in Bærum. A new city is developing at Fornebu with an estimated 25,000 residents and 30,000 work places by the year 2020. The general prognosis is that Fornebu potentially can become the country’s most attractive location for both residencies and businesses.

KLP Eiendom decided in 2009 to be a part of this development, and started planning the structures of a shopping center that the world has not seen before! The goal was to be the world´s most environmentally built shopping center, aiming for the certification of BREEAM Outstanding. During the building process KLP Eiendom were inspired also to build a mix of stores that where aspiring to sustain and maintain an environmental viewpoint and structure in their business. Therefore when Fornebu S opened October 14th 2014 all the stores and businesses along with KLP Eiendom could proudly show off a BREEAM Outstanding shopping center where throughout the building process familiar, as well as newly developed solutions where used to create a building that meets today’ s and future environmental requirements at the highest level.
KLP Eiendom, Fornebu S and its tenants consider the environment at every step of the way. Through the choice of materials and technical solutions during the construction phase, our high efficiency waste recycling process, our underwater heating system and energy efficiency infrastructure, to the simple choices our tenants and costomers make to live and work in a more environmentally efficient daily life, we have together achieved the BREEAM Outstanding accolade.
Fornebu S consists of 80 retail-and interior- stores, restaurants, a grocery store, Vinmonopol, bank, parking with e-parking facilities, and in the near future, a gym. Fornebu S is located with a backdrop of the Fornebu Park, magnificent beaches and an ocean view. With these factors, the location of Fornebu S and its surroundings has also become the main attraction to Fornebu town. Fornebu S with its center-square on looking the Fornebu Park has gradually become a landmark and meeting point for Fornebu residents.
See our overview for more information on our store mix check out meny «Finn Butikk».

Address: Snarøyveien 55

Detaljerte åpningstider

10-20 (09-18)
Meny (grocery store)
08-21 (08-19)



Bus travel directions

Bus from Oslo City center.
Bus «31 Fornebu» use bus stop «Fornebu Vest». It stops right in front of the main entrance of Fornebu S.
Bus «31 Snarøya» use bus stop «IT Fornebu» and walk 1 minute down towards Fornebu S. It is in sight from the bus stop.
Bus and ferry transportation to and at Fornebu:

  • Bus 24: Brynseng – Fornebu via Skøyen: Departure every 10 min in rush hours (morning/afternoon).
  • Bus 28: Helsfyr – Fornebu: Departure every 10 min in rush hours, more often during the morning rush hours.
  • Bus 31: Grorud – Fornebu – Snarøya: Running all day, departure every 6 minutes.
  • Bus 32E: Tonsenhagen – Fornebu Express: Departure every 7/8 minutes during morning rush hours and every 10 minutes during evening rush hours.
  • Bus 36E: Oslo Bus Terminal – Fornebu Vest: Departure every 5 minutes during rush hours.
  • Bus 707: Asker – Sandvika – Fornebu: Departure every 15 minutes during rush hours.
  • Bus 733: Rykkinn – Kirkerud – Bekkestua – Lysaker – Fornebu – Snarøya: Departure every 30 minutes to/from Bekkestua and every hour to/from Rykkinn during rush hours.


B12: Aker Brygge – Fornebu: Departure every 30 minutes morning and afternoon. The ferry-ride takes only 12 minutes. The ferry docks by the clock-tower at Aker Brygge and at the Sjøflyhavna Restaurant at Fornebu.
Please download the «RuterReise» – App for more information on departure times, or go to
Time- tables in true -time are at the info-screens in the shopping- center.



The bicycling facilities at Fornebu are at an abundance. Fornebu S has therefore bicycle parking with 250 places, by the main entrance. This enables workers and residents to choose a more environmentally friendly transportation to do their daily shopping. Several of the hotels at Fornebu have bicycle-rentals.



Driving from Drammen/Asker: Take E18 towards Oslo. Use exit from E18 to Fornebu, continue and follow signs towards Snarøya. Fornebu S will be on the right, after second circle.

Driving from Oslo: Take E18 towards Drammen. Use exit Fornebu after Lysaker, continue and follow signs towards Snarøya. Fornebu S will be on the right, after second circle.



There is two hours free parking at Fornebu S – no parking ticket-guaranty.
After two hours: NOK 25, – per hour.

There are 16 El-car charger stations, 950 parking spaces, 250 spaces for bicycles. In addition to that, we have dog- parking (air ventilated dog cages) by main entrance.


Your guide to the Fornebu Neighborhood.
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